What is Alpha like?
The evening begins at 6:30 pm with a free, healthy, delicious, and filling meal topped off with an irresistible dessert. Then everyone is invited to discuss their views and insights on faith in a friendly, relaxed, and non-threatening atmosphere after viewing a video.

What is Alpha? 
It is a course which investigates the Christian faith.  It may actually be one of the most popular courses here at Morningstar!  It has steadily risen in attendance with each semester and there’s still room for you.  This course is open to all and for anyone and everyone in your life you care about. Check out our calendar of events to see when the next Alpha is happening!

Members of Morningstar
There are ways in which you can help!  Facilitate tables, serve dinner, lead worship songs, take photographs – we can always use a hand in this introductory ministry.   Alpha is exciting because the relationships created during Alpha can carry on well beyond the ten Thursday evenings. If you would like to establish relationships with those exploring our faith, prayerfully consider this opportunity.