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Thank you to everyone that was able to make it to our online service last week.
For those who missed us, here is a link to last Saturday's lighthouse service:

Saturday Aug 1st 2020
 - David Kapauan  - A Prayer Burden - Nehemiah 1:4-6

As for this weekend, we are ON for Lighthouse!
Here are the details for our next ONLINE stream coming up this Saturday (August 8th): 

WEB STREAM ONLINE LINK: https://ajaxlighthouse.online.church/
Just click the above stream link in a Computer Browser, Android or iPhone device any time before service starts @ 7pm.

Live chat will be open 5 minutes before service starts.  It would be great if you could send us a chat when you join, just to say hello to let us know you are there.

 For this weekend, we will be continuing our series on “Talking with God”.

God Stories and Prayer items: 

-   Answered prayer for Jamie

-   Email from Rob Tayor: Thank you so much for praying for Jamie. I just got an update today. The tumours have shrunk significantly. Her lungs are now cancer free. She is still going through chemo and radiation but she is now back at home.  Again thank you for your continued prayers. Praise The Lord!

Please continue to send in your God stories and prayer items.  Just email us at ajaxlighthouse@gmail.com 

May God continue to bless you all and see you ONLINE this Saturday! 

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Our Vision statement:

Morningstar Christian Fellowship Ajax site is a multicultural family of families seeking to obey the command of Christ, to multiply His disciples and to be a Lighthouse to the Ajax/Durham community.

Our Values:

  • We glorify God with the gifts he has given us
  • We are a family of families centered on Jesus Christ
  • We live life together and grow together in Christ
  • We seek to help the lost and point them to Christ

Join our Ajax Lighthouse:

Join us at the Ajax Lighthouse as we continue to reach out to the Ajax/Durham community to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here’s how your involvement can have an impact for all eternity:
•   Be part of a new site church plant
•   Meet new people and grow in Christ together
•   Win souls for Christ

Our Location:

Address: 1 McGinty Ave, Ajax, ON, L1Z 0J6
Meeting: Every Saturday
Potluck dinner: 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Lighthouse service: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Please contact us at the ajaxlighthouse@gmail.com

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