Welcome to Morningstar

Connect this Spring!

Wednesdays, March 20 to May 8, 7-8:30 p.m.

Morningstar has a great Wednesday evening program where both children and adults will be enriched. This is an awesome way to meet new people and stay connected mid-week.

1.) Kids Connect!  Fun activities and Bible -Karmin Marks

Join us for engaging Bible teaching, exciting new activities and the Passport to Reading program. Ages 2-12
To register for Kids Connect email Karmin at karmin.marks@morningstarfellowship.ca


Connect Adult Training Classes 
Sign up for one of our encouraging Training Classes below!

1.  “Navigating your Finances God’s Way” Class with Dieu-Veut Israeland Nikolaus Reuper
2.   Firm Foundations Class:  Sharing the Gospel from Creation to Christ with Lillian Hutchins

3.   New Leader Class with Pastor Derek Chong
4.  First Principles Class with Pastor Lloyd Henry

Register Today at info@morningstarfellowship.ca