Womens Ministry

Women’s Ministry Winter Bible Study – Living by the Book with Dr. Howard Hendricks 

How well do you know your Bible?
Do you long to understand and apply God’s Word for yourself?
Or, do you approach Scripture with a “drive-thru” mentality hoping for a quick and sweet bite of truth for the day? What if you were to view Bible study as an investment with a lifelong payoff? 

Join the ladies of the Women’s Ministry in learning how to effectively study God’s Word with the goal of observing, interpreting, and applying the Scripture in a way that yields transformation and a more mature worshipper of Christ. This Bible study employs five key elements (personal study, group discussion, video series teaching time, session review/level one activity, and prayer). Our women’s Bible study intends to promote Bible literacy and rich community in the context of an active, committed learning atmosphere. 

Living by the book

"Living By The Book" Bible Study

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