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Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry: (15 hrs./ week)

Position Overview:

The Assistant Director will assist the Director of Children’s Ministry in the oversight and administration of children’s ministry at Morningstar Christian Fellowship.  She will be responsible for directing specific programs within children’s ministry and assisting in the function of others programs. She will work in partnership with support staff, teams of volunteers, and student workers. This is a part-time, permanent position that involves a flexible work schedule, with duties including work after the normal business hours and on weekends.  The weekly work hours will be 15 hours.  Compensation will be at an hourly rate of $15.00 hour.  Interested candidates should send a cover letter and updated resume to karmin.marks@morningstarfellowship.ca by February 4, 2018.


Sunday Morning Instruction:

1.  Curriculum Management:  Assists the director with curricular preparation and administration. Works with teachers to ensure that weekly lesson plans are implemented successfully.

2. Resource Preparation:  Primarily responsible for helping teachers prepare materials, and supplying the appropriate resources for use in Sunday classes. 

4.  Supervision:  Helps to implement Sunday morning procedures for checking, tracking, and safe-guarding students in the classes.  Shares all Sunday morning supervisory functions with the Director.


Program Administration:

1. General Administration: Assists the director with maintaining and improving the administrative functions of all divisions within Children’s Ministry.

2.  Nursery Oversight: Primarily responsible for coordinating the 0-2 year nursery program.

3. Mom n’ Tots Oversight: Primarily responsible for designing and implementing the Moms n’ Tots program.

4. Kids Connect: Helps with the mid-week Connect gatherings as needed

5. Kids Camp: Assists the director with planning and leading the summer VBS.


Relationship-building and Support:

1. Parents and children support:  Offers support to parents and children as needed.

2. Team-building support:  Assists the director in training and supporting volunteers to improve the functioning of Children’s Ministry teams.

3.  Staff collaboration:  Collaborates with the Morningstar Christian Fellowship staff to advance ministry goals and objectives.

Preferred Training:

1.  A post-secondary degree (Diploma or Bachelors) in an education-related field: Education, Educational Psychology, Children’s Ministry or Other.

2.  Preferred coursework in:  Children’s ministry, Education Curriculum and Instruction, Biblical Theology, Child Development, (or equivalent experience)

Preferred Experience:

1.  Three years or more of experience teaching children in a church-based ministry setting. 

2.  Three years or more of administrative experience, either in a children’s ministry setting or other relevant setting (educational, non-profit, or organizational). 

3.  Experience organizing extracurricular activities (arts, crafts, sports, drama, or other creative arts).