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Vision Sunday
God has given Morningstar a vision not only to reach our city for Jesus Christ, ut to extend that vision around the world.
On Sunday March 8, we will have one service at 10 am to share the Vision for 2020 and well into the future. Come and share in the exciting things that God has laid on the hearts of your leaders and join with us in taking the light of the Morningstar right around the world. Sheppard Campus.


To accommodate a combined worship service we need abled bodied volunteers to park at the Old Remax Parking Lot on the northeast corner of Sheppard and Morningside across from the Esso gas station. 

Our parking lot crews for the day will be happy to direct you as the parking lot gets filled. Please cooperate as they instruct you where to find parking. 

Important: Please do not park along the fire route as it will block the way for the Wheel Trans and mini bus making an exit after dropping passengers.

2019 Annual Report

Please find the Cover Memo and Proposed Constitution below:

COVER Memo letter and Proposed Constitution  


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