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Nov 21th 2020 (IN-PERSON and ONLINE SERVICE is ON)

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Thank you for all who could make it to our Ajax Lighthouse last Saturday. 

It was so great to see you all !

We're so excited to continue Lighthouse and to see you all again this weekend!

Please reply to Oliver or Marie to let us know if you and your family will be attending, so that we can reserve special seating for you this weekend.

It would be great to hear some feedback on our Peace series.

Don’t forget to bring any of your God stories, thanksgiving, or prayer items you have written on paper and drop them off in the offering plate so that I can share them during the God Stories section of the service. 

You can also send them in via email us at ajaxlighthouse@gmail.com.

May God continue to bless you.  See you all this Saturday! 

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Our Vision statement:

Morningstar Christian Fellowship Ajax site is a multicultural family of families seeking to obey the command of Christ, to multiply His disciples and to be a Lighthouse to the Ajax/Durham community.

Our Values:

  • We glorify God with the gifts he has given us
  • We are a family of families centered on Jesus Christ
  • We live life together and grow together in Christ
  • We seek to help the lost and point them to Christ

Join our Ajax Lighthouse:

Join us at the Ajax Lighthouse as we continue to reach out to the Ajax/Durham community to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here’s how your involvement can have an impact for all eternity:
•   Be part of a new site church plant
•   Meet new people and grow in Christ together
•   Win souls for Christ

Our Location:

Ajax Baptist Church
Address: 56 Angus Dr, Ajax, ON L1S 3C5
Every Saturday 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Please contact us at the ajaxlighthouse@gmail.com

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