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Welcome to Morningstar Tapscott

A unique gathering place where we trust you will experience the presence of God and where community is always welcomed.

Morningstar “Tapscott” is named for its location and sharing the message of Christ with the surrounding community is a high priority for this congregation. This is evidenced by the various weekly and annual events designed for community involvement.

Morningstar Tapscott, formerly known as Malvern Christian Assembly, joined Morningstar Christian Fellowship in 2011 as a well-established community church with long standing members which make up the congregation. Today you will find many of these individuals who continue to faithfully serve.

Pastor Dennis Campbell, who has served at Morningstar for 25 years, serves as the interim Site Pastor (for Pastor James Harrichand) at Tapscott along with a strong and faithful leadership team.


That God will be Glorified and People Happy in Jesus

We are a community through:

  • Connections Groups
  • Christian Education
  • Sunday Worship
  • Bridge Builders Events

We Value: 

  • Community
  • Service
  • Worship