Morningstar has been led by the spirit to multiply global disciples through the training and encouraging of church leadership internationally.  Through strong church movements in strategic regions of the world, we conduct pastoral training cohorts in four regions.  The objectives in the cohorts are:

  1. To establish church based theological education paradigm where a leaders are fully trained in the context of a growing church
  2. To introduce pastors to an instructional catechism based on the first principles of Christ
  3. To instruct pastors in effective pedagogy for the training of leaders.

These objectives are accomplished as we send trained instructors to encourage and partner with nationals in the training sessions.  Sessions last four days and are held three times per year.  We currently have training in Honduras, India and Kenya.

Global Mission

The call to full time gospel ministry is a very serious calling for which much preparation is needed. Begin praying for God's guidance and share your burden with the mission team and pastors. Consider participating in a Church Plant as a leader and select one of the mission agencies that serve Morningstar missions. We would love to chat with you about your next steps! Contact Pastor Mario to get started.