Welcome to Morningstar

Pregnancy Care Centre Toronto (PCC)  provides compassionate community care to women and families facing unexpected pregnancies so they can thrive without seeing abortion as their only option.  Morningstar Christian Fellowship has joined the PCC’s First Response Network which bridges relationships between churches in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with families experiencing unexpected pregnancies.   MCF is committed to being a place of refuge and long term support to PCC families.  We are aligned with PCC’s vision of a city where no woman faces an unexpected pregnancy alone;  where every mother, and father has access to care, support and community; and where parents and their unborn children are treasured by all.

How can you get involved?   MCF church members have an opportunity to join our church’s Pregnancy Support Team to care for PCC families in our community who have asked for community support and connections.   By our church members serving families in practical ways we can help restore hope, show compassion and make real the love of Christ to those who feel isolated and alone.

Who should consider joining as a Team Member?    We need prayer warriors, single men, women, and couples to join our team, whether you are a parent or not, (and regardless of your age)!  You can talk to people or work behind the scenes.  Whatever your spiritual gift or talents are, your support will be a blessing.

More information about Pregnancy Care Centre Toronto?

iamnotalone.ca & pccfriends.ca   

 Questions about the MCF Team?  Please contact our church’s Team Leader, Alison at: pcc.morningstarteam@gmail.com  for more information.

Introduction video from the Pregnancy Care Centre.