The faculty at our School of Music is made up of qualified music teachers/ performers with music degrees, certificates, university training or the equivalent experience. Our teachers take the role of music educator very seriously and have dedicated themselves to giving their students the skills they need to make music an important part of their lives now and in the future.

Phone (416) 281 - 4138 ext. 3296 or ask for School of Music

Lessons Available

Private Lessons are generally one half hour, weekly.
Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Theory

Group Lessons (a minimum of 4 is required before a group class will start). Group classes are one hour a week, for 12 weeks. Classes can start at any time during the school year, once the minimum requirement is met.
Guitar, Keyboard, Improvisation, Voice, Theory, Bible Basics/Survey of Christian Music

Lesson Fees

Private Lessons: The majority of lessons are $20/half hour: 4 equal payments of $160 (8 lessons)
Group Lessons are $180 for 12 1-hour lessons.

There are 3 convenient ways to pay:

  • Pay for the full year at $20: $640 / $25 rate: $800
  • $20 rate= 2 equal payments: $320 (16 lessons)  / $25 rate =  2 equal payments $400
  • Equal payments in post-dated cheques.

We accept cash, cheques, Visa & Mastercard.

The School of Music will be following the curriculum and examination system of Christian Conservatory of Music, Canada. The curriculum is dedicated entirely to Christian music, both traditional and contemporary. It is a system that addresses ALL areas which are relevant to the training and development of Christian musicians of all ages and abilities.