What's Happening

Office Update

Dear Morningstar Family,

Thank you for your support and prayers during this time of disruption. We have been praying for you and have heard stories of God at work in the lives of many in our church. Please continue to connect with others who are especially vulnerable at this time. As we said some time ago, “although our building is closed, Morningstar continues the important work of ministry to our people and community.”

Here are some important updates that might be of interest to you:

  • Every Friday, Pastor Mario is hosting an hour of Prayer & Praise beginning at 7pm on Zoom. He is encouraging as many Morningstar members to join him. If you would like to be part of this important time, please email Pastor Mario at mario.villanueva@morningstarfellowship.ca and he will send you the zoom link. Should you or someone you know have a need for prayer, please use the prayer request form on our website http://www.morningstarfellowship.ca/community-prayer/.
  • The Ministry Team would like to announce that after 10 years of impeccable service, Pastor Lloyd Henry has decided to step down as the Director of our Connection Group Ministry. As we have all witnessed, Pastor Lloyd has served our church and its Connection Groups and leaders with exemplary character and Godly devotion to the Lord.  We truly appreciate and will miss his presence on the team. To take his place to oversee our Connection Group Ministry, Brother Jomon Jara has agreed to serve as our new Interim Director of Connection Groups.  Brother Jomon has proven himself as both a caring Connection Group leader and a capable member of the Elder Board.  We welcome Jomon as a new member of our Ministry Team! Pastor Lloyd’s long years of service will be publically recognized once we are able to resume our normal services.
  • Because of your generous giving to our Benevolent Fund and Care Closet, we have been able to assist five families who are in need as a result of the current crisis. We are continuing to investigate how we can do more to assist others.
  • This is a difficult time for all and for some especially challenging. We understand that crises can leave some of us feeling isolated and alone. We want you to know we are here for you or someone you might know who is in need. We have Biblically Trained Counselors and Stephen Ministers ready to connect with you to offer counsel, encouragement and to pray with you. Please call the church at 416-281-4138 or fill out a prayer request form on our website: http://www.morningstarfellowship.ca/community-prayer/.
  • One last thing, you have received several email updates and ministry information from us over the past several weeks (and yet another one). All of this is part of our effort to minister to you and keep you informed and updated during this crisis. We realize for some it can seem like too much and you might wonder if unsubscribing from our emails is the way to go. We understand, all of us can suffer from information overload and this is not our intention. We would like to recommend that you not unsubscribe if you are a member or regular attender of Morningstar. Email is a valuable tool to get needed information out to you as quickly as possible. Should you receive an email that is not of interest to you simply delete it. We will do our best to send only what is of importance to the entire church.

 Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We welcome your feedback.

 Pastors & Elders