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Reopening update

Dear Morningstar Family & Friends,
It has been almost two months since we reopened our doors for in person worship. Having now entered Stage 3 of the pandemic, we want to update you on how this change will affect in-person services at Morningstar. First and foremost, we want to welcome you back to worship with us! 
The Ministry Team and Elders have been reviewing our current protocols and are pleased to now invite anyone in good health to give coming back to church for an in person worship experience a try. We have worked extremely hard preparing for the reopening of our building so that it’s safe for all who attend each week. But rather than just telling you this, we want you to see and get a feel for what it will be like to attend again. 
We have produced a video that will walk you through the experience of coming to church during covid-19 and what you can expect to find as you do. It will answer questions you may have had and put your mind at ease about the safety of returning. Please click on the link below and view the video. And please let us know if you found it helpful. 
If you’re part of the at-risk demographic for the Coronavirus, or you still don’t feel comfortable attending yet, we understand and we encourage you to stay engaged through the ongoing livestream services at www.morningstarfellowship.ca.
Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support. As we said in one of our communication at the beginning of the pandemic, “Let us remember that our God is sovereign and in control.” 
Pastors & Elders